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Wrap Cake Method

Presented by Pam Boyle, Pamz Cakez VIC

As this is a Christmas themed cake you could use your favourite fruit cake, just prepare like you would your normal fruit cake.

This Cake is for the 2D Reindeer with Christmas Lights Cake so I needed it to be tall and narrow. These can sometimes be a bit tricky to cover without tearing the fondant around the rim. So I thought I’d give the wrap ago.

I stacked and ganached 2 x 6” Cakes onto a thin silver cake board and also used another silver board in-between cakes for structure and support. When covered it was 6” tall.As this is a Christmas themed cake you could use your favourite fruit cake, just prepare like you would your normal fruit cake. Plug up dint/ holes with marzipan or almond Icing, brush with apricot jam and cover in rolled out marzipan. I have been told by experienced fruit cake bakers that you should use icing sugar when rolling out marzipan/almond Icing for Christmas fruit cakes and not cornflour. The cornflour can react to the boiled fruit in the cake and may start to ferment. Don’t want to risk that happening so I would follow their caking advice.

Equipment Needed:

  • 2 x 6” Cakes (approx 450 grams Ganache)
  • approx. 660grams or Fondant
  • Solite or Sugar Syrup
  • Pizza Cutter
  • Large Rolling Pin
  • Metal Spacer Rods or Spacer Rings (optional)
  • Smaller rolling pin with flat ends preferable
  • Dusting Bag
  • Large Rolling /Cutting Mat
  • Thin Paint Brush

You should prep your ganached cake just before rolling out fondant so the fondant will stick to the cake evenly and eliminate air pockets.

You can brush the cake with either water, sugar syrup or a vegetable shortening i.e. Crisco or Solite.

I personally don’t use water as I feel it beads up on the chocolate ganached surface.

Roll out a disc of fondant big enough to cover top of cake. (approx. 160g)

Place fondant disc on top of cake. Use your smoother to make sure you have lightly pushed out any air bubble and surface is even.

Place either a cutting mat, board or a another larger silver onto the cake top and with care flip the cake over. Use flat palms to hold/support the cake, sometimes doing the faster can be better the too slow and it starts to slip. Using a pizza cutter or sharp knife, carefully cut around the edge of the cake, remove excess fondant and then re-flip the cake. Double check that edges are neat and smooth.

Cake trimmed and on cutting mat ready for flipping back over the cake top and with care flip the cake over. Once re-flipped, use smoother to just make sure edges are nice. Re-solite sides if needed. Place cake on turntable ready for wrapping.

Making the wrap–around collar (2 x 6” stacked ganached cakes). Your need to measure the circumference and height of your cake so you now how long & wide you need to roll out your fondant.

19” x 6 1/4” (best to go a little over as you will be trimming) approx. 520g fondant for wrap.

It’s easier to maintain shape if you start with a rectangle.

Using spacers helps keeping the long narrow fondant at an even thickness.

Measure out where to cut your fondant. Go slightly larger and be careful not to drag your cutter as you don’t want to stretch or distort the rectangle. I used the metal spacer rod as my guide.

Applying the Wrap “Let the fun part begin”

Lightly dust fondant surface & smaller rolling pin. Position rolling pin at the very end and edge of your fondant. Carefully start to roll up the collar. If you do it too tight you may dent fondant, if too loose, your fondant may distort and stretch when applying.

Bring Rolled Fondant close to the Cake before turning vertical. Sit Rolled Fondant at the base of the Cake and carefully with palm of your hand attach to cake, now start to unroll and attach to cake. This is where the turntable comes in handy.

The fondant collar is actually taller than it looks in the photo. I just placed a 2nd clean cake board on top when taking the photos as the other board had chocolate.

Overlap the ends and lightly press. Use a clean sharp knife or blade and cut through both thickness of fondant. Remove excess and with a thin paint brush & small amount of water seal edges together.

Use a thin paint brush with water to make sure edges stick together.

Use your smoothers over side surfaces to make sure fondant goes all the way to the bottom and also smooth the join together. The join will usually become the back of the cake.

With your sharp knife start to trim the excess collar. Use a sliding motion always in one direction and not a back & forth sawing action. This helps get a cleaner edge. Rotate turntable and slice till all cake is done.


Use your small paint brush and a very small amount of water to run around the inside rim to make sure collar sticks to the fondant lid. Go over cake one more time with smoother and also check for air bubbles that you can carefully pop with a thin pin or new acupuncture needle and smooth out.


I used a small amount of melted chocolate on the presentation cake board to attach cake.

This is the only the 2nd time I’ve done this so I expect that I will improve with practice.

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