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Word placement on cake boards

Presented by Pam Boyle of Pamz Cakez, Vic

I have seen beautiful creations on decorator’s pages but sometimes these are let down with thick wobbly wording around the cake boards or on their cakes.

To me the lettering is the scary part, learning to use the various types of cutters and finishing the presentation with neat letters and straight placement. ƒ

Here are some examples of lettering on various cakes I’ve made for family and friends.


  • Place mat ƒ
  • Small rolling pin ƒ
  • Cornflour dusting bag ƒ
  • CMC or Tylose ƒ
  • Coloured fondant ƒ
  • Pin ƒ
  • Cutting wheel ƒ
  • Alphabet cutters (I use Tappit cutters) ƒ
  • Small spatula ƒ
  • Piping gel ƒ
  • Long haired paint brush

This method works for all fonts, sizes & positions. There are so many types of products and fonts available but you’ll find 2-3 will become your favourites .

Write out your wording on a piece of paper. Try to have the height the same as your chosen font cutters. Cut 3/4 in-between each letter, decide on a layout and then slightly spread letters to match the curve of the board.

Have equipment ready.

Add CMC or Tylose to fondant, mix well and reseal in a lunch bag (don’t want it to dry out before rolling out). *Always double check & count how many letters you need. 3 x A’s, 3 x P’s, 2 x Y’s etc. Nothing Worse than missing a letter.

Roll out your fondant nice and thin.

Cut into long strips wide enough for lettering, then cut into squares.

Once again, lightly roll over your cut squares then allow them to slightly dry. (Just a couple of minutes should be fine)

Make sure your work surface and Tappits/cutters are well dusted Place chosen Letter over the fondant square, press down and then move side to side. Turn over and remove excess fondant, you can also run your fingertip over letter to remove any rough bits of fondant.

Turn Tappit back over and hold one end in hand resting on the desk.

You then need to hold the other end in fingertips, pull up approx 1-2cm and then quick release, giving it that flick/slap motion.

Don’t pull back too far. You don’t want to snap your equipment. (Like flicking a ruler on the desk)

You can see in the photo the cornflour outline with a good flick.

Use a pin to lightly lift out a section of your Letter if it doesn’t come out first go.

The lettering could still be slightly flexible so use a spatula, paintbrush or dresden tool and carefully push letter back into shape.

Allow to dry a bit more before positioning.

Piping gel is perfect for attaching dark Fondant colours onto light colours. No colour bleeding. Even attaching fondant items on the sides of cakes.

Use a small amount of piping gel on the back of your letter. I then pick up the letter with the brush tip and put it in place.

Mark a small strip of paper for letter positioning. Move the paper along under each new letter.

Align your next word, before attaching the next line.

Use yellow fondant when you will be painting it gold, and grey fondant when you will be painting lettering silver.

You will get better coverage and any missed section would be less noticeable.

Hope this makes your next order easier and you achieve lovely straight clean lines.

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