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Hollywood introduces Gluten Free Choc Mud with a Vegan Option

By Craig Denten, Managing Director - Hollywood Cake Decorations

Vegan baking has always come with a big price tag, and we have fixed this problem.

Hollywood Cake Decorations has responded to the quickest growing market in the Bakery Industry with Gluten Free & Vegan.

“HCD” has just released (to its Platinum Cake Range) “Gluten Free Chocolate Mudcake Mix with a Vegan option”. The Label carries 2 different Recipes which bake out perfectly & are moist to the edges.

The Gluten Free mix is so good, it is difficult to tell it’s not the original Platinum Mud!

Vegan baking has always come with a big price tag, and we have fixed this problem.

The Vegan option was baked using “Orgran” Egg Replacer & “Sweet William” Milk Chocolate. These 2 products are freely available at Woolworths at very reasonable prices.

To make life even easier, we recommend and sell “Cake Art” Buttercream & Decorators Cream Base. Both are Vegan & Gluten free also. No thinking required.

Hollywood’s Platinum Muds are in our opinion the best in the industry and are thick, dense and extremely moist cakes with outstanding flavour. Our Platinum Range is also certified Nut Free.

The Platinum Range of Mudcake Mixes are: Chocolate, White & Caramel.

These mixes are True Muds & have abundant flavour to match.

Our Platinum Red Velvet is a moist chocolate raspberry cake with its red colour coming from its raspberries. It is the standard in the Australian Version of Red Velvet. It works beautifully with Ganache or Buttercreams.

No more tasteless Red Velvet that relies on Cream Cheese to give it some flavour!

Hollywood also carries a Cupcake Mix, which is a fluffy vanilla cake with keeping qualities not seen in the industry. It is still perfect four days after manufacture”. No more last minute decorating!

Customers also use our Cupcake Mix as a versatile Fluffy Cake Mix.

In July this year, HCD has expanded by purchasing the Importing arm of Cake Ornament Company in Brisbane.

This has vastly increased the products in our range.

HCD is a “Trade Warehouse” that supplies the Baking & Cake Decorating industry.

We welcome all customers whose ABN number relates to this Industry.

Qualified Pastry Chefs & Cake Decorating Teachers are also welcome. We also welcome current Committee Members of the Guild & Associations.

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